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Manufacturer price treadmill folding fitness cardio exercise mechanical treadmill electric treadmill home use

Manufacturer price treadmill folding fitness cardio exercise mechanical treadmill electric treadmill home use

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Products Description

Product Name
Automatic walking machine price electric treadmill for home gym new arrival foldable running machine professional treadmill
Walking / running / sit-ups / tension / twisting / armrest lift / slope adjustment / double armrests
1 set/carton
Folded size
Expanded size
Package size

Carpet, sit-up stand, waist plate, drawstring, heart rate monitoring,
side shield, full armrest, multi-function stand, Bluetooth speaker
Product Features

The height of the armrest can be adjusted, so adults and children can use it.

A treadmill can meet the needs of the whole family.

A folding design, you can easily fold the treadmill.

It can be folded up when not in use, which saves space and is very convenient.

A variety of exercise methods can be achieved with this treadmill.

Walking, running, sit-ups, pulling, twisting, etc.

The one-piece folding and roller design
makes the storage and movement
of the treadmill more convenient.

Quick Start
Exercise without waiting

With the help of the multi-function LCD
screen, you can better understand
the data about your exercise

With roller
It's easier to move after folding

There are three gears that can be adjusted Choose the mode you want at any time

Super running belt
Anti-skid and shock absorption, giving you
the best sports experience

Comprehensive protection makes your exercise safer.
The flywheel will not hurt you or the people next to you during exercise.

The treadmill is more stable and will not slip.
Steel frame with pallet makes your movement safer

All configurations can be customized

(Optional)The bold vertical center pillar is combinedwith double armrests and double brackets.

The firm structure makes you safer during exercise.

(Optional)The treadmill can be customized to add the function of playing music to make your exercise more interesting

(Optional)With a large shelf for books and tablets.You can put books, mobile phones, tablets, etc. on it when you exercise.
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